Thursday, May 28, 2009

My test

Well, homeschoolers don't have to take a lot of tests like regular schoolers. I have to take a math test and a spelling test every week, but that's it. Every year, I have to take a test called the CAT test (Mom says that's for California Achievement Test and all homeschoolers have to take them). I like to call them the EOGs because it's easier to remember. That's what they take in public school and it means End Of Grade test.
I got my scores in the mail today. I got an A! There were 120 questions about language arts and math. I got 111 right.
That's all for today. Bye!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All about Creation

No, not Creation of the world. It is about a festival that goes on in June. It's a festival about God.
We go to music places, sometimes we go out to Pizza Star for dinner. And for dessert, we go to MiniFreeze.
We camp for eleven days. And it's sooooo fun! My aunt and uncle go, too. (My aunt is about to have a baby!) We go with my Nanny, my mom and dad and sister and brother and Miss Shelley. We meet other people there, like for example, we meet Joshua (Miss Shelley's friend), Uncle John Rollhauser, Mr. Mike, Miss Heidi, Mr. Richard. Some of the people that we see that play music are: BarlowGirl, Newsboys, TobyMac and we go to the children's tent. We watch kids' music like for example, Phredd, Bigsby, Pure Energy, Steven Courtney, Jesse Rothacker, Lisa Landis and the VeggieTales.
That's all for today, folks!
P.S. Here are some pictures of Creation.

This is Micah, Abbie and me eating ice cream at MiniFreeze

This is Auntie Gwenn with Abbie when Abbie was a baby.

This is Micah and me when we had my cousin Nia's birthday party there. We had cake for breakfast!

This is my brother and my sister and me
with Mama Candy and Jessica last year.

This is Daddy, doing work at the top of the sound tower.