Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In Virginia

Hello blogspot friends. I am in Virginia. I am sorry I haven't written for a while. My brother and sister and I are at my Grammy and Popah's house for Easter. I'm on my spring break from school and my Mom is in Haiti and my Dad is home working. Yesterday we went to the movies and today it's raining so we're doing stuff inside. We sewed two patches on my Dad's old hobo pajamas that now are mine and I sewed the buttonholes shut by hand with Grammy's help. (because we sewed the front shut and the buttonholes were stretched out). On Sunday we had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. We each found ten plastic eggs filled with jelly beans. I love jelly beans! that's all for today, folks. Bye!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Here's what I did this weekend.

Well, on Friday night, we went to First Friday. First Friday is a festival in downtown Manteo. We usually do the climbing wall, but it was not there this time. We had dinner and listened to the music and had ice cream and we went to the playground. We were with my Dad and my Nanny and Grandad.
On Saturday day, I went to a birthday party. I got up early and bugged my mom ALL morning about when it was going to be time to go. We bought a birthday present and it was two Webkinz. The party was at the aquarium. That night, I spent the night with the birthday girl; her name is Emily. We had a fantastic time. Oh, before we left Emily's house, I got a turtle that will hatch but it's pretend. It's really cool and I'm waiting for it to hatch. Well, I'll post about it when it hatches.
Yesterday it was Sunday. First, we went to church. I did a program with my team; it's called Wee Worship. We did the song "Hosanna in the Highest" with palm branches for Palm Sunday. Then, my Nana and Grandad took us to Jockey's Ridge and then we went to my Nan's house to take a nap because everyone was tired. Except me, and I didn't have one. Then, we went to my Dad's birthday party at my house. My friend Chloe was there, my friend Keagan, and a bunch of the other friends. And of course, my Dad was there. We ate cake, ice cream (I only had ice cream because I don't like pecans and coconut); we had steak and I loved it. And we had a fun time!
That's all I want to post today, my friends out there. I might not post for a little while because I'll be in Virgnia for a week. My mom has to go to Haiti and my Dad has to work and nobody will babysit us. I'm staying with my Grammy and Popah. They're my Dad's parents. We're going to have Easter there with them.
The End. Bye!