Thursday, March 19, 2009

Here's what I did today.

Well, mostly, we played outside. The temperature is sixty-eight degrees! We played all morning outside, and did a fifty-minute school. We learned cursive, history, that's all we learned today. We did math and I wrote a a story. And after school, I went outside again and laid down and drew a picture. It was a picture of my pumpkin that I'm going to do for Halloween next year. I'll take a picture of it and post it here.
Tonight, me and my brother and sister are going to Wee Worship. Wee Worship is how to use flags for dancing for Jesus at my church. My teacher is Miss Christina.

This is the pumpkin I will carve.

This is me today. It is hot so I am wearing a tank top!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I had to start again.

(Mom here. Because I am a dork. And I accidentally erased Katie's blog whilst trying to transfer it over to her own username. Sorry.)

This is going to be my blog about school, my life and pictures.

Today in school, we had fun. Want to hear a joke?

What has 4 eyes and can run over 2000 miles?
The Mississippi River!

The Mississippi River starts in Minnesota, and it is only a small stream there. It takes a drop of water 90 days to get to the Gulf of Mexico. The Mississippi River is two miles wide there! Isn't that weird?

Yesterday at the library I checked out a book called "DO NOT OPEN" and it is a book all about cool secrets, such as how magicians do some tricks. And about other history stuff. Also, it has these pictures in there called Magic Eyes that have hidden pictures in them. I could not see the hidden pictures of aliens and werewolves, but my mom and dad can.

That's all I want to write today.